Medical Professionals for Nexus Letters & DBQs

Are you looking for a Medical Professional to write you a Nexus Letter? Or to complete a DBQ?

Here is a list of Medical Professionals for Nexus Letters & DBQs. Before giving away your hard earned money, please consult with a representative from each office below, look for reviews, and accreditation. Keep in mind they will charge you a fee for their services whether or not you win your VA disability claim.


Dr. Brett Valette, Psychologist: Veterans Psych Evaluations

Dr. Thomas Seiter, MD:

Dr. Cook, MD:

Various Doctors:


Dr. John Ellis, MD: Ellis Clinic

Dr. Nicole Edwards, MD:

Dr. Craig Bash, MD:

Various Doctors:

Dr. Mark Northern, Psychologist:

Various Doctors: REE Medical

Various Doctors: Mednick Associates

Brian Hill, PA, PHD, VA-PAC

Dr. David Anaise, MD:

Arrica Canty RN, BSN, CLNC:

Dr. Leah Wingeart, Psychologist:

Dr. Fred Nolen, Psychologist: Fred Nolen

Dr. Victoria A. Cassano, MD:

Various Doctors:

Dr. Q. Austin-Small, Psychologist:

Various Doctors:

Star Medical Clinic: Star Medical Clinic PLLC

Dr. Mitchell or Dr. Parman, MD:

Various Doctors:

Dr. Roy Etheridge, Ph.D., Psychologist,

Dr. Suzanne Best, Ph.D., Psychologist,

Dr. Robert Moering, Psy.D., Florida Psychological & Forensic Services LLC

Dr. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Garbelman, Psy.D.,


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